Our Clients

GRA Everingham has substantial experience in working with companies, industry groups and the not-for-profit sector.

GRA Everingham works with these organisations either in providing long-term counsel or project-specific advice.

A list of current clients which GRA Everingham is advising is set out on the Lobbying Registers established by the Federal and Western Australian Governments, respectively:


GRA Everingham is a highly ethical organisation and was the first specialist government relations firm in Australia (through GRACosway) to publish a Code of Practice (available on our website), which it did in 1999. The values encapsulated in this Code of Practice are substantially reflected in the Lobbying Code of Conduct initially introduced by the Australian Government.

GRA Everingham has been registered under the Western Australian and Australian Government's Lobbyists Registers and associated Code of Conduct since their inception in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The Register’s and Code’s were brought into effect to maintain the transparency, integrity and honesty of contact between lobbyists and the Government representatives from both jurisdictions, and its introduction was strongly supported by GRA-E at the time. The firm complies with the requirements under the Code and in doing so, ensures all clients we assist in their representations to government are listed on the publicly available register.

GRA Everingham is also registered under the Lobbyists Registers and Codes of Conduct subsequently introduced in each state jurisdiction: namely NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

GRA Everingham is an ethical organisation and works to a Code of Practice, developed by GRACosway.

GRA Everingham takes seriously the issue of conflict of interest. The firm also has a set of Guidelines on Conflict of Interest to manage these issues as they arise.